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Note: If you would like your donations to go towards one of the ministry needs listed below then make a notation in the "Enter Note" area on the PayPal site, otherwise all donations will go towards the general fund.

Current Needs/Programs:

Buy a Goat: Just $100.00 will buy a goat. While it is wonderful to respond to the current food crisis in Haiti, a goat will help long term.  It provides a source of income and food.  Keeping the goat until it has multiple offspring will allow the goat project to keep bringing dreams true year after year.  The first offspring will be donated to another family in the community.  In that way, the number of families who receive goats continue to multiply!

Community Center: Thanks to your generosity, the training center is being built!  Your gifts will allow us to continue with the second phase of the project as well as address some erosion that is happening near the river at the site.  Your investment currently helps to supply jobs for local Haitians. In the future, it will provide Haitians with the opportunity to learn job skills required to get much-needed jobs.

The Lord has laid many possibilities on our hearts for this property.  Here are some of them:

> Bible School:  We envision a 6-month commitment where students will be taught and encouraged in their walk with God.  They will have an opportunity to put into practice what they learn by reaching out to their own communities.

> Worship and Music:  Here students will study music, take voice lessons, and learn to play instruments.  They will then host worship nights in the community.

> English Lessons:  Being able to speak English can open doors of opportunity for employment.  These classes will be open to the community.

> Jobs: Employment is very hard to come by in Haiti. Tiplas Mori is 3 hours from Port-au-Prince, so there are few jobs in the community, this property can be a source of income for many households who are currently without work.

Join us in imagining the impact a facility like this would have on the local community!  It could change everything for them.  A positive environment, education, and jobs will transform families and provide hope through better opportunities in life.

Berta’s School: The Haitian government had a program where they helped to support local schools. During this time, Berta’s school was started. It provides education to children that live in a remote area of Haiti. (An education that would otherwise be impossible for these children). After the president was no longer in power, the assistance stopped. Berta continues the school at her own expense. One of the current needs is to help pay the teachers monthly. This way the children can continue to learn and the community strengthened. She has 200 children currently enrolled in the school. ($800.00 a month)

Summer Camp: Each year we have a 3-day summer camp in 2 different
communities. We have 200 children in each of these communities. This is a
reward for regular attendance at the kids’ ministry. We also invite children from local orphanages. We provide two meals a day. We have Bible stories, sports and crafts. They use local cooks and teachers as well as groups from the United States to help provide this special camp experience for the children in Haiti (suggested amount is $3000.00 for each community)

Kids’ Ministry in Montrouis: There are weekly programs: which include teaching the children how to play musical instruments, and a weekly Bible club on each day of the week. This encourages the locals to invest in their community and provides learning opportunities for the children. We hope to reimburse the teachers in the future and expand the programs in the future as we are able. We also have a feeding program for the children most in need in the community. We use local teachers and cooks. (Suggested amount is $1000.00 a month)

Medical Teams:  When we are able, we host medical teams to serve the communities that are underserved.  We provide for basic health care needs that help provide improved health and disease prevention.  This is valuable in areas where people receive little or no health care.

Prison Ministry: Short-term teams visit the local prison to provide hygiene and food supplies.  It is some of their very few contacts with the outside world.  It is a huge gift for prisons that are overcrowded and lack sufficient supplies for their basic needs.

Pastor's Seminar: Our annual pastor's seminar brings local pastors together to learn and fosters unity between local churches.

Sponsor a Child: Visit the "Sponsor a Child" page for details or just click on the button below.